Wrongful Death Claims

Your Wrongful Death Attorneys in Huntsville Texas

A wrongful act or negligent act or accident that causes the death of another person is typically referred to as a wrongful death claim. In Texas, these types of lawsuits are filed under the Texas Wrongful Death Statute. Wrongful death claims may be filed by different types of family members of the deceased person, with the surviving spouse, children, and parents being the main claims. Typical causes of wrongful death that are pursued by the attorneys at Park Law Firm include automobile accidents, 18 wheeler trucking accidents, train accidents, motorcycle accidents, offshore and maritime accidents, construction and pipeline accidents, drunk driving accidents, and deaths caused by defective products.

The types of damages generally recoverable in wrongful death lawsuits are medical expenses before death, loss of wages and future earning capacity, loss of love and companionship, conscious pain and suffering before death, and funeral expenses. Punitive damages are sometimes pursued to punish the wrongdoer and to deter this type of thing from happening again in the future. We are experienced in handling wrongful death lawsuits and have the resources and tenacity to go the distance. The staff and attorneys at Park Law Firm are sensitive to our client’s losses and thus handle these types of wrongful death cases with the utmost dignity and respect for the family.

If you, your relative or a friend lost a loved one due to a wrongful death accident, please contact Park Law Firm immediately and put them to work for you. Time is critical. The insurance company will put their investigators and attorneys to work right away. Certain types of evidence must be obtained and preserved immediately or it may be lost forever or destroyed. This is why we urge you to contact Park Law Firm as soon as possible after the wrongful death accident so that we can immediately put our team to work for you.

Please call us at (936) 291-6660 or (800) 753-5509 or email us for a Free Initial Consultation and immediate appointment with one of our attorneys. We are here to help you in your time of need and will make house calls and hospital visits if needed. Don’t go at it alone and get taken advantage of.

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