Offshore Maritime Injuries

Your Offshore Maritime Injury Attorneys in Huntsville Texas

Working offshore on a large ship or oil rig is a dangerous job. Significant injuries can occur even when things seem to be going fine. If you work offshore on a boat or on an oil rig and suffer an injury, Park Law Firm is available to assist you. We have represented injured offshore workers under the Jones Act where significant compensation was obtained for these injuries. These laws could apply to you if you were injured on a tanker, a barge, a ship, a fishing boat, or on a massive offshore oil rig. Sometimes catastrophic injuries and death occurs at sea or on an offshore oil rig when there is an explosion or fire.

The Jones Act is an important federal law that was designed to protect those who work in these dangerous areas at sea. Park Law Firm has the experience and expertise to represent you in this highly specialized area of personal injury trial law to seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and injuries.

If you, your relative or a friend have sustained a personal injury or wrongful death due to an offshore or maritime accident, please contact Park Law Firm immediately and put them to work for you. Time is critical. The insurance company will put their investigators and attorneys to work right away. Certain types of evidence must be obtained and preserved immediately or it may be lost forever or destroyed. This is why we urge you to contact Park Law Firm as soon as possible after the accident so that we can immediately put our team to work for you.

Please call us at (936) 291-6660 or (800) 753-5509 or email us for a Free Initial Consultation and immediate appointment with one of our attorneys. We are here to help you in your time of need and will make house calls and hospital visits if needed. Don’t go at it alone and get taken advantage of.

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